Initially created in 1997 as a subsidiary of humanitarian nonprofit organization Air Serv International, Air Serv Limited began as a small operations and maintenance base for flight programs in Africa. As the need for reputable and reliable aviation services in East Africa increased, we recognized a niche which needed to be filled. Expanding our training program and facilities, we widened the range of services we had to offer to create a comprehensive and highly specialized product for businesses and organizations operating in difficult environments. With a focus on safety, we provide our staff with the highest quality of training and meet the strictest levels of operating standards to serve our clients and partners.

In addition to our Ugandan and U.S. FAA-certified maintenance division, Air Serv has recently received a South African Maintenance certification, enabling us to offer a broader range of services to a wider clientele. The past two decades have seen us grow into one of the largest and most trusted aviation facilities in Uganda, providing air charter services, aircraft maintenance, consulting, logistical planning, and hangar facilities from our headquarters in Entebbe, Uganda. We aim to continue that growth as the aviation industry evolves, keeping abreast of the latest technology, innovations, and breakthroughs.

In the coming years, Air Serv Limited plans to not only grow and vary our existing fleet but also to become the first full service FBO (fixed based operator) facility at Entebbe Airport, meeting all private aviation requirements and needs. As our focus remains on our humanitarian beginnings, we foresee a future unlimited in providing support and services to the humanitarian responders for both sudden onset emergencies and longer-term humanitarian events.

  • Our location at Entebbe International Airport translates into savings for you. Uganda charges no import tax on airplane parts.

  • With over 20 years of experience in over 30 countries, Air Serv Limited is well versed in international operations. Our expert staff is knowledgeable in ICAO, CAA, and FAA regulations, logistics, fees & permits, and cultural considerations.

  • Air Serv Limited is fully invested in the development and future of safe aviation in Africa. In addition to being the only aviation company recognized by the Ugandan Civil Aviation Authority to provide hands on training, Air Serv has implemented a groundbreaking scholarship & internship program through it’s humanitarian arm, Air Serv International.

  • Known for Lake Victoria, Queen Elizabeth National Park, and Murchison Falls, Uganda has emerged as one of the top tourist destinations in Africa. Our client care team can assist you in finding food, lodging, and entertainment. Come enjoy The Pearl of Africa while we serve your needs!

Air Serv could not function without its dedicated team of over 75 staff. Each and every member of the Air Serv team contributes to the efficiency and reliability so valued by our clients and partners.


Air Serv Limited is rooted in the humanitarian values with which it was founded. As we continue to grow, we remain dedicated to our core mission of giving back to the community and providing services to the humanitarian sector. Air Serv Limited resources and revenue are cycled directly back into programs and services in an effort to reduce costs to our humanitarian partners and give back to the community. To learn more about how to support Air Serv’s international humanitarian programs, please visit


Above all else, Air Serv remains committed to safety on all levels from ground to air. In addition to orientation and ground school classes, every member of our staff completes required training through Air Serv University which provides online learning and professional development to increase understanding of safety and operations within the aviation industry. All pilots and engineers also complete International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)-required safety training programs in addition to their basic training.

Air Serv Limited is proud to be part of the Flight Safety Foundation, which runs the Basic Aviation Risk Standard (BARS) program. All manufacturer required and recommended inspections are completed onsite by our FAA and CAA licensed engineers, and governed by our complete CAA approved maintenance manuals as well as manufacturer's maintenance quidelines. In addition to standard internal audits, Air Serv Limited submits to annual safety audits conducted by the Civil Aviation Authority, the United Nations World Food Program, and Buena Veritas.


The use of light aircraft in emergencies has been common in Africa, especially in humanitarian response efforts over the last several decades. Smaller, high performance “bush aircraft” provide access and sustainability for thousands of relief workers, government officials, media, and development personnel wherever war and terrain isolate people in need of assistance. They have also provided urgent airlift capability where short, unimproved, or unpaved airstrips restrict large transport aircraft.

Air Serv Limited currently operates a fleet of five Cessna Caravans, all of which are wholly owned by nonprofit organization Air Serv International. As a flexible aircraft, lightweight and adaptable to various environments, the Caravan is an ideal solution to meet the requirements of Air Serv Programs.

In addition to our wholly owned aircraft, Air Serv has the ability to source and operate a variety of aircraft from heavy-lift to helicopters as client needs dictate.

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